Unsung Hollywood: Harlem Globetrotters

Five decades before Magic Johnson’s “Showtime” Lakers, Michael Jordan’s “highlight” moves and the roof-rattling dunks of Julius Erving, there were the Harlem Globetrotters …read more

Modern Marvels: Nuclear Submarines

A one-hour documentary on the history of “Nuclear Submarines” for the prime-time series “Modern Marvels.” …read more

Life After People: Outbreak

A one-hour episode about life on earth if humans suddenly became extinct.Extensive use of CGI, reenactments and visual analogies …read more

Dr. 90210: Dr. Rey Goes to Mexico

FA “Hugo Awards” – winning, one-hour episode about Dr. Robert Rey’s visit to Mexico to perform pro-bono reconstructive surgery on deformed children …read more

Miami-Dade Corrections

A one-hour documentary on the Miami-Dade County jail system for MSNBC’s primetime series “Lockup” – a “behind the scenes” look at America’s busiest prisons and jails …read more